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Laura Hartlein



I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Health Coach for 12 years. Throughout my experience, I have concentrated my practice around a determination that successfully maintaining health and wellness is dependent upon behavior modification. Clients must be willing to identify and modify unhealthy behaviors and habits in order to effectively implement a healthy diet plan and lifestyle. For this reason, I not only employ dietetics, but I also provide much more than that. I call it, “Holistic Dietetic Therapy”.

I have developed strong relationships with my clients. Although they come from diverse backgrounds, with various life experiences and medical issues, the mission is always the same: GETTING HEALTHY.

I educate and encourage my clients, as they embark upon an exciting journey toward a greater sense of health and self. I celebrate their taking the necessary steps toward what they had once considered too difficult or impossible to achieve. As their health becomes a priority, a beautiful and inevitable shift occurs. They begin to recognize and acknowledge their worth. For me, THIS is the greatest reward.


Just completed the 10 week weight loss program with Hart Health. Not only did I lose weight but my digestive system is better than it has ever been. The accountability Laura held us to in this type of program is what I loved the most (and needed). Not to mention that I learned a great deal about nutrition and making healthier choices. One of the best things I have ever done for myself!
— Pam, 62

I am SO thankful that I made the decision to participate in the 10-week Hart Health. In my opinion, everyone owes it to themselves. YOU will no doubt feel great.
This is REAL food with REAL lasting results!!
— Katie, 37

I am so happy to have Laura as my nutritionist. Our first meeting she spent time helping me develop a meal plan that would tackle both losing weight and reduce inflammation in my body. I have not felt deprived in any way because she didn’t just eliminate food from my menu, but instructed me how to replace what I was eating with healthy foods instead. I am 4 weeks into my meal plan and have lost 8 pounds. More importantly than that, my pain level from my arthritis has decreased dramatically.
— Milacey, 49

I am so grateful for Hart Health! A few months ago I started struggling with stress and anxiety. The anxiety got so bad that I would have to leave work meetings because of sudden panic attacks. I connected with Laura at Hart Health and she immediately got to work on a plan for me. She gave me suggestions about different behavior patterns and eating habits and suggested that I get tested for Vitamin D deficiency. Sure enough, my vitamin D levels were significantly low…something I would have never known without Laura’s help. Fast forward 2 months later and I’m down 15 pounds and haven’t had a panic attack in weeks. A BIG THANK YOU to Laura and Hart Health for her support and for believing in me!!
— Jessica, 34

I went to Laura after the birth of my second child. Laura did an amazing job of understanding my busy schedule and provided insightful direction for food preparation, planning, and pairings. She is a great listener and very easy to open up to. She changed my eating habits and really re-taught me nutrition! I now feel like I have a great system in place that I can build from. I highly recommend Hart Health. Thank you, Laura!
— Katy, 37